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History of The 200 Club


In 2016 a recommendation to the committee was to introduce a 200 Club for members who have played 200 Vets games - that is where a Mt Coolum Vet has represented our club in a veterans event and their participation recorded. When you think that Mt Coolum doesn’t have weekly Veteran games it would take at the minimum of at least 8 years and playing every game to reach 200 games. Then take into consideration that back in 2004 there were only 12 games for the year.


I have delved into the record books and with some calculations now have a detailed list of all players since the year 2000 and the number of games they have played. It is not an exact science but if you wish to find out how many games you have played and how I arrived at this figure please don’t hesitate to contact me via my email address –


The committee also agreed that we present each member with a commemorative shirt with a sequential number to show the order in which they arrived at 200 games.


At our 2016 presentation and AGM, five Mt Coolum Vets were inducted into the 200 club.


They are:


No 1  Art Matthes


No 2  John Doffkont


No 3  Dave Cush


No 4  Vin Davies


No 5  Darryl Crank


As players reach 200 games they will also be added to the list and receive a commemorative golf shirt.

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