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Vets News Template

DO NOT EDIT TEXT / IMAGES ON THIS PAGE. This is a template that replaces the elements on this page (text or images) with actual content which is defined in the NEWS content manager.

Change Title in NEWS content manager - eg something like "Vets News 3 April 2020". This will replace "Vets News Template" with the required text. 


Now paste in first part of text for newsletter. This should be pasted into the CONTENT1 field  of the NEWS content manager. If there are no photos, that is all you need to do.

If there are photos, paste the first photo into IMAGE1 field, 2nd into IMAGE2. There is currently space for 3 images, add more if necessary.

Between each image is space for text, linked to CONTENT2 and CONTENT3 fields. These can be used to put in the newsletter content after photos. If you want two photos in a row without intervening text, just leave the relevant content field blank.

System is currently set up for 3 text sections and 3 images. More fields can be added as required. Add text and image elements to this page (just copy / paste / move existing elements). Then create new fields in the content manager and finally   link the page elements to the associated filed in the content manager.

First photo above. Add image to IMAGE1 field in content manager. Add second part of text here to CONTENT2 field. For two photos in a row, leave CONTENT2 blank.

Second photo above - add to IMAGE2 field. Then Add third part of text to CONTENT3 field. Then add third image to IMAGE3 if requred.

Third photo above - add to IMAGE3 field. Then Add fourth part of text to CONTENT4 field. Then add fourth image to IMAGE4 if requred.

Fourth photo above - add to IMAGE4 field. Then Add fifth part of text to CONTENT5 field. 

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