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Email Settings

Most of our communications are done via the MailChimp mail out system. A common problem is that you don't receive our emails. If you aren't receiving emails, always check your spam / junk mail folders as the emails may end up there. 


See below for specific notes for BigPond and GMail users.

Information for BigPond users

We have a lot of problems with BigPond users not receiving emails we send. Emails seem to end up in the users spam / junk email folders. Please follow the instructions below, which will hopefully fix this.


1.     Changes must be made using a desktop / laptop (PC or Apple OK). SAFE SENDER option detailed below may not  appear on SmartPhone / IPad / Tablet.

2.     Go to Select “Sign In”+ “Telstra Mail”

3.     Sign in using your user name ( etc – your email address) and password

4.    Go to Webmail (with me this happens direct, but maybe there will be an intermediate screen)

5.    Click on MAIL button on left, and Settings gear wheel on right

6.    Once you click on SETTINGS, left side menu will change. Select MAIL, Safe Senders

7.     In the “ADD EMAIL ADDRESS” section, type in “” (just the text, ignore the quotation marks), then click on the + ADD symbol.

8. should now appear in the Safe Senders list. At this point, things should start working OK and you should receive our MailChimp emails.

CLICK HERE to view the same instructions, in a document with pictures.

Information for GMail users

We've had a few reports that Vets with gmail accounts haven't been getting our newsletters, booking forms etc.

The emails are probably ending up in the Gmail promotions folder, which Gmail sets up whether you ask for it or not.


Check the promotions folder to see if the emails are there. To get rid of the promotions folder, so the emails go to your normal inbox, use the following instructions.

How To Disable Your Promotions Tab On Gmail?


Here’s a short guide to disabling your promotions tab on Gmail:

  1. Access your Gmail account at, click on the wheel, and then settings (you may need to click on “all settings”, first, before the tabs will appear).

  2. Click on Inbox.

  3. Remove the checkmark from promotions.

  4. Click on Save Settings at the bottom of the screen.

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